Hemp Prices Stagnate; Hempcrete Gets Debunked



Hemp Prices Stagnate; Hempcrete Gets Debunked

John Lothian News

PanXchange’s July hemp benchmark report was published on Wednesday. If you have been following this space you will not be surprised to learn that hemp prices remain depressed. Low prices for biomass and hemp-derived products reflect the overhang from last year’s harvests and processing. With reliable or official information about this year’s crop largely unavailable, the industry has to just wait and see what materializes.

Some of the cannabinoids contained in biomass are somewhat unstable and deteriorate the longer they are held before being extracted. Biomass on farms or stored elsewhere needs to come to be sold and processed soon “before,” as PanXchange notes, “cannabinoid profiles degrade to the point where it is no longer suitable for marketing.”