PanXchange and Julie Lerner are both named a 2020 Benzinga Fintech Listmaker Finalists!


PanXchange and Julie Lerner are both named a 2020 Benzinga Fintech Listmaker!


On Nov. 10th, 2020, PanXchange and Julie Lerner will be named a Benzinga Global Fintech Listmakers and recognized as Best New Product and Most Impactful Brokerage Executive. To honor its sixth anniversary, Benzinga is honoring the winners for the advancements they’re making in financial technology in a new and improved way.

The official Benzinga Fintech Listmakers are comprised of 250 carefully vetted and renowned companies and executives who are striving to revolutionize the fintech industry. From deeply established companies to the newest startups, this group is impacting sectors like payments, banking, investing, technology, and financial literacy.

This list of carefully selected companies will be honored each year as Benzinga continues to highlight the fintech industry’s most innovative minds. To see all the Listmakers go to

“We’re recognizing the companies that will define the future of our financial lives,” says Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick.

“Since the inaugural Benzinga Fintech Awards in 2015, our listmakers have closed $300 million in deals and partnered with some of the biggest players in the industry. We look forward to honoring these players for years to come, as well as finding the next generation of fintech.”

PanXchange, Inc. has made recent strides in the fintech space as the leading benchmark price provider in the US hemp industry and the defacto benchmark price provider in the 120 million ton specialty sand market for US oil and gas. 

About PanXchange, Inc. 

PanXchange is a market structure solution for physical commodities that feed and fuel the world. Centered around its institutional-grade electronic negotiating and trading platform, it offers instant market access and price discovery, especially in relatively thin and/or nascent physical commodity markets. With regard to its benchmark pricing services, PanXchange is a Price Discovery Platform, not a price reporting agency (PRA), because it is backed by actual physical commodity trade activity, not just reported values, which often includes brokers and analysts. PanXchange serves the US industrial hemp market, the 120-million-ton specialty sand (proppants) market for US oil and gas extraction, and East African agricultural markets. 

About Benzinga:

Benzinga is a dynamic and innovative financial media platform that empowers investors with high-quality, unique content with the goal of making information easier to consume. Benzinga’s mission is to connect the world with news, data, and education that makes the path to financial prosperity is easier for everyone, every day.

Benzinga is the leading full-service, one-stop-shop for investors of all stripes and styles.

About the Benzinga Fintech Awards:

The Benzinga Fintech Awards is an exciting, forward-looking competition to highlight the companies and individuals with the most impressive technology, advancement, and innovation who are building the future of financial services and capital markets.

This year, Benzinga is proud to join forces with Envestnet | Yodlee to facilitate the most beneficial education and impactful networking in the quickly changing space.