Hemp Production Normalizes (Not Normlizes)



Hemp Production Normalizes (Not Normlizes)

John Lothian News

Hemp farming is experiencing normal growing pains. We can see the industry’s maturation in the evolution of the legal, commercial and business issues hemp farmers and processors are grappling with. Instead of struggling with regulatory restrictions, hemp producers are confronting issues that could beset any infant industry.

South Carolina newspapers are reporting that a former Clemson University national champion football (1981) coach who returned to farming after retiring from coaching is now embroiled in a lawsuit with a local hemp processor. Coach Danny Ford joined four other South Carolina hemp-growing licensees in a suit against Charleston Hemp Company and Carolina Botanicals. It seems the processing of the five farmers’ raw hemp into CBD oil did not go smoothly.

In a practice that is not uncommon in agriculture, the farmers obtained their seeds from the processor. In a sign that this hemp lawsuit is agricultural business-as-usual, the plaintiff’s attorney told local news service The State, “We believe that accountability is important, particularly in relatively new industries like the South Carolina hemp industry, and we will look forward to pursuing accountability at a jury trial when the time comes.”