Hemp Industry 2021 Opportunities Report

Let's Talk Hemp Report


Hemp Industry 2021 Opportunities Report

Let’s Talk Hemp

Let’s Talk Hemp is a publication of Colorado Hemp Company (a division of We Are For Better Alternatives) focused specifically on the subject of industrial hemp and cannabis. We present features and curate news from across the globe to share the benefits of cannabis on health, energy, manufacturing and planet (H.E.M.P.). Colorado Hemp Company also is the Producer of NoCo Hemp Expo and Southern Hemp Expo, the nation’s leading hemp conferences and expositions.

Julie Lerner, the CEO of PanXChange, told Let’s Talk Hemp, “Growers should absolutely start to create relationships with large buyers…the Patagonias, BMWs and Levis of the world.” Ms. Lerner shared Mr. Bish’s sentiments explaining that 2021 will see developments in the grain and fiber hemp market. “We want to work in connection with researchers to gather data and help develop the grain and fiber market. Our data is showing this is needed for hemp to become more than a niche market…to become an agricultural commodity.”