New Commodity Exchange Platform PanXchange Set To Revolutionize The Hemp Industry

The hemp industry is set to see significant changes in the coming years with the passing of 2018s Farm Bill, which legalized hemp on a federal level. New online trading platforms are emerging which focuses on commodity exchange at both wholesale and retail levels, for a variety of hemp-related products. PanXchange is the first of these platforms to prove their concept within the frac sand and East African commodity markets. With their additional expansion into the hemp market, PanXchange is primed to be a leader in online commodity trading for the industry.Kristina Etter, Editorial Content Director at CannabisTech sat down with Julie Lerner, CEO, and founder of PanXchange, to discuss the current state of trading within the hemp industry, the importance of accurate online commodity trading, and plans to expand into the isolate and distillate markets.

Denver Business Journal: Nation’s first hemp index by PanXchange aims to drive standardization of market

Denver-based online commodities trading platform PanXchange is stepping up — implementing a price-discovery system and report meant to create transparency in what has effectively been a gray market since the 2018 Farm Bill was signed in December. Before that, the market was officially black and accordingly opaque.Read more about PanXchange and the Hemp market here.

April 2019 Hemp Market Update

The spot biomass market has seen consolidation between the Colorado, Kentucky and has generally transacted in the range of $3.30 to $4.50 per percentage point of CBD content (/point) throughout April.  At this point, hemp producers have either sold out of product or are holding positions, expecting prices to rise during the summer months. Although it is foreseeable that the biomass market could reach the mid $5/point range this summer, there has been increased reports about biomass quality degradation leading to questions on best practices for post-harvest storage.

March 2019 Hemp Market Update

State of the Hemp Industry Map

PanXchange produces indices for emerging commodities bringing price transparency, price discovery, and key market intelligence. We acquire pricing information by conducting surveys with vetted and anonymous market participants and make expert assessments based on a variety of factors. We will publish monthly spot biomass assessments for Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky, with plans of expanding crude, distillate, and isolate reporting as well as additional regions.

February 2019 Hemp Market Update

The spot biomass market has remained relatively stable throughout February, with transactions ranging from $2.50 to $4.60 per percentage point of CBD content (/point). The price range is influenced by the overall quality of the biomass (where and how it is grown, moisture level, and the relative CBD content) as the highest returns have been seen on high CBD content biomass, generally above 12 percent.