Emerging Trends Webinar

How to Capitalize on Emerging Trends in the Legal U.S. Hemp Market, led by PanXchange CEO Julie Lerner and PanXchange Director of Hemp Markets RJ Hopp. We hope you learned a bit more about how to watch this new industry develop and how to analyze trends that can benefit your business. If you were unable to attend or would like to re-watch the webinar, you can follow the link below to access the recorded version of the webinar.

August 2019 Hemp Market Update

The spot biomass market throughout August has been transacting in the range of $2.73 to $4.50 per percentage point of CBD content (/point) as supply from the 2018 crop year is sporadic and early season crops are being harvested. The trend of biomass selling near the lower end of the range has continued from July, as those who are holding product from the 2018 have incentive to sell before large quantities of product enter the market from the 2019 crop year.  Instances of this trend have increased in the last few days, depicting the eagerness to move product and exit positions.

US Farmers Have High Hopes for Hemp Crops

Trade wars have crushed US grain sales. Tobacco is in terminal decline. However, for farmers in Kentucky the future may lie in a crop of the past: hemp. The fibrous plant once prized for rope and sailcloth is poised for a second life as a source of cannabidiol, or CBD, a substance added to everything from hamburgers to dog treats, which enthusiasts claim has therapeutic qualities.

July 2019 Hemp Market Update

hemp news

The PanXchange Industrial Hemp trading platform is officially going live on August 1st!

PanXchange will be in attendance at the USA CBD Expo at the Miami Beach Convention Center (August 2nd – August 4th). Not only is the CEO of PanXchange, Julie Lerner, moderating a panel, but PanXchange will be at booth #616 throughout the event. If you are attending the conference or local to the area, we encourage everyone to stop by!

CBD Price Per Pound

We often get asked, “What’s the price of CBD per pound? That depends on a lot! “Commodity” is often a misnomer, particularly with hemp and CBD pricing.

June 2019 Hemp Market Update

PanXchange produces indices for emerging commodities bringing price transparency, price discovery, and key market intelligence. We acquire pricing information by conducting surveys with vetted and anonymous market participants and make expert assessments based on a variety of factors. We will publish monthly spot biomass assessments for Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky, with plans of expanding crude, distillate, and isolate reporting as well as additional regions.

Hemp Value Extraction

The majority of CBD is extracted from hemp through two main processes: CO2 extraction and solvent extraction.CO2 extractionIn this process, carbon dioxide is under supercritical conditions – high pressure and low temperature – to isolate and preserve CBD. The CO2 method produces the cleanest, most isolated CBD oil that is free from chlorophyll, but requires much higher upfront fixed costs and a significantly steeper learning curve to perfect the process.

May 2019 Hemp Market Update

We would like to start this month’s newsletter with an update on PanXchange. At the end of April, PanXchange began on-boarding top-tier market participants onto the trading platform. This phase of the launch is to allow our market-makers a period of time to get comfortable negotiating online and building liquidity. We’re thrilled at how quickly these members took to online negotiations as we already have over $75 million worth of hemp products available for negotiations. For more information on PanXchange’s industrial hemp market, please reach out to the team at hemp@panxchange.com.