Hemp Grower Editors Pick Their Favorite Stories from 2020



Hemp Grower Editors Pick Their Favorite Stories from 2020

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As this incredibly tumultuous year comes to a close, so does another year of hemp features and b2b journalism at Hemp Grower. Here, HG editors take a look back on their favorite stories of 2020.

Eric Sandy, Digital Editor
Hemp’s Potential in the Animal Feed Market – Hemp Watch, July/August 2020

It’s been fun to learn about the dynamic end uses for the hemp plant and its seeds, especially as American farmers work to find new markets for their crops—a particularly vital theme this year. Over the summer, Alexander Rados of PanXchange provided a close look at the research behind hemp as an animal feed alternative. It’s a complicated conversation, and Rados points out that the chemical (and regulatory) hurdles of this market are many and varied: “Due to the similarities between the corn ethanol extraction process and the hemp cannabidiol (CBD) extraction process, initial research is in the works to assess the viability of extracted biomass as an additional animal feed source. Questions remain about residual solvents and contaminants, which would differ in nature from one extraction method to the next (i.e., ethanol v. hexane).” As with so much in the hemp industry, stay tuned!