Physical Commodity Exchange PanXchange is a trading platform and market structure solution for physical commodities that specializes in bringing liquidity and efficiencies to thin and/or nascent markets
Through the trading system and additional inputs, we create pricing indices used as industry standards, to price term and spot contracts and settle derivative products.
Physical Commodity Exchange Index Pricing
Our team of commodity experts produces market data reports spanning different physical commodity markets, as well as covering industry-specific technology and topics

PanXchange and Barcharts Announce Strategic Partnership

Barchart, the leader in commodity data, jointly announces a new strategic partnership with PanXchange, the leading benchmark price provider in US Hemp and the defacto benchmark price provider for US Frac Sand.


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Index Price Settled Futures Contracts

Large exchanges throughout the global scene are following each other around. Newly launched futures contracts are often copycat and lookalike derivatives, settling off another contract. We’re doing things different.

Is the US on the verge of a hemp revolution?

With the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing industrial hemp nationwide, farmers could see a windfall from a few different perspectives. But will farmers switch a large amount of acreage to the crop in hopes of reaping the benefits?