PanXchange Expands its Suite of US Industrial Hemp Benchmarks

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PanXchange Expands its Suite of US Industrial Hemp Benchmarks

PanXchange | Denver, CO. October 27, 2020

PanXchange is pleased to announce that it will begin issuing the first and only US benchmark prices for Hemp Grain and True Hemp beginning with its October 28th monthly report.

Julie Lerner, PanXchange’s CEO and Founder, explains, “These price points are significant since we believe that by volume, these markets will evolve rapidly into traditional cash crops for US farmers, much like corn, wheat, and soy.”

Hemp Grain:  The first and likely largest hemp grain market is for feed and food markets, given its nutritional value. If true, PanXchange may relaunch it’s US feed grain trading platform that it idled during the glut of 2016.  Says Lerner, “hemp grain is an excellent food source for livestock and poultry, and we anticipate that it will soon compete on price with dried distiller grains, wheat middlings and other sources of protein and fat.

True Hemp:  The largest use for this type of hemp includes biocomposites, cottonized textiles, and hemp paper.  The common feedstocks for these processes today include petro-based raw materials like polypropylene and polyester and natural-feedstocks like cotton, coarse wool, and wood chips. Increasing concerns regarding the biodegradability of synthetic fibers coupled with a growing emphasis on reducing the usage of plastic-based materials in various regions, such as Europe and North America, is also expected to support significant growth in the natural fiber market for the foreseeable future.

These new benchmarks are part of a larger expansion effort by PanXchange in 2020.  Earlier this year, we developed a member-only webinar to discuss monthly market prices and activity with our nationally renowned hemp team. Typically, these webinars are held the Friday after the market reports release, however on December 17th, the company is hosting a member-only year-end symposium to discuss its annual supply and demand outlook. For those following PanXchange’s progress in US hemp, they may remember that last December, the company was the first to issue market demand estimates by volume of hemp instead of broad addressable market values based on retail consumer product prices.

PanXchange has also increased access to its reports, with distribution agreements with CQG, Barchart, and Nucleus195.