Hemp & Animal Feed: PanXchange Releases Analysis in First of Three Industry Reports


Hemp & Animal Feed: PanXchange Releases Analysis in First of Three Industry Reports

October 14, 2021 Denver, CO. PanXchange today announced the release of its white paper on the many applications of hemp in the animal feed market.   

The report, whose primary sponsor is Barchart.com, Inc, is 46 pages in length and begins by explaining the utility of the plant in the feed market, leaving no aspect behind.  Specifically, it discusses hemp grains (whole, hulls, dehulled, and meal/cake), True Hemp (baled, dehydrated, silage), and hempseed oil.  The report covers hemp’s price and productivity (yield) competitiveness versus the incumbent feedstocks such as corn, soy alfalfa, and grass hay.  Additionally, the report illustrates hemp’s exceptional nutritional properties with regard to protein, fiber, energy, and even Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.  Finally, PanXchange addresses the opportunity for hemp not only in traditional livestock and poultry markets but also in markets ranging from aquaculture to equine feedstock. As an example of conclusions drawn, PanXchange illustrates with hard data how hemp can already compete with alfalfa and grass hay- both nutritionally and with regard to yield potential.

Seth Boone, PanXchange’s VP of Business Development and Director of Hemp markets explains, “Hemp has the yield potential and nutrients to compete with soy as a feed ingredient in the near future. In addition, there is already a wide array of growing sectors within the hemp industry that are producing by-products that are suitable for feed. Throw in the sustainability factor and hemp has too many advantages to be ignored by the feed industry.”

“I couldn’t be more proud of the PanXchange team or the results produced in this paper”, states Julie Lerner, the company’s CEO.  “Seth and the team did an excellent job showing why hemp as a feed ingredient holds enormous and immediate growth potential for this crop, especially as it catches up to traditional grains with regard to growing and harvesting efficiencies.”  

This paper is the first of a three-part series of white papers on the hemp industry. The second article, to be released in December, will focus on industrial uses: building materials, textiles, bioplastics, biochar, etc. The report will give an update on how those sectors are evolving, problems, opportunities, and how carbon credits fit in the picture as part of the ESG movement across the globe. The final report will be our third annual supply and demand report for the cannabinoid sector.  PanXchange is known for producing actionable market intelligence such as focusing on total supply and demand based on acres and tons versus retail shelf prices.  The report will be released early Q1 2022 and include ancillary topics such as a prediction on how FDA approval would improve the outlook, how Delta 8 is boosting demand, and regulatory issues. 

About PanXchange 

PanXchange is a market structure solution for physical commodities that feed and fuel the world. Centered around its electronic negotiating and trading platform, it offers instant market access and price discovery, especially in relatively thin and/ or nascent physical commodity markets. With regard to its benchmark pricing services, PanXchange is a price discovery platform, not a price reporting agency (PRA) because it is backed by actual physical commodity trade activity, not just reported values which often include brokers and analysis. It is the leading benchmark price provider in industrial hemp markets and the defacto benchmark price for specialty sand used in US energy markets.