PanXchange Opens Its Industrial Hemp Trading Platform to Foster Market Growth


PanXchange Opens Its Industrial Hemp Trading Platform to Foster Market Growth

February 14, 2022, Denver, CO. PanXchange today announced the opening of its industrial hemp trading platform to any qualified growers, processors, CPG manufacturers, and trade houses (non-brokers), waiving registration fees and commissions. Julie Lerner, PanXchange’s CEO explains, “Growth of the hemp industry has suffered tremendously since legalization, due to overproduction, competition and subsequent M&A, and stigma in mainstream agriculture, topped off by a global pandemic.  However, we fully believe in hemp’s future as an industrial product and we wanted to do our part to support the community. As such, we decided to waive registration and commissions on all cannabinoid trading and semi-processed fiber.”  

The move to free trading compliments PanXchange’s other initiative to support the hemp industry: its cropland and grassland carbon credit program. Lerner explains, “Hemp is an exceptionally carbon-friendly commodity.  It helps sequester carbon in the soil and the stalk but can also serve as a more eco-friendly substitute in products such as hempcrete, building materials, and bioplastics.” She then explains that most of the programs available to farmers today are cost and time-prohibitive. “Farmers should be financially remunerated for adopting smarter farming practices and our program offers a viable solution.”  For details, see

The PanXchange® hemp platform offers a user-friendly, centralized marketplace to source and trade hemp cannabinoids and a variety of other industrial hemp products. It is the only institutional-grade platform in production, replete with counterpart management, anonymous trading, and negotiation of every aspect of the trade (quality, delivery window, payment terms, etc.). Seth Boone, PanXchange’s Director of Hemp, explains how opening the market provides more opportunities to build liquidity, “PanXchange’s platform is synonymous with a cash market.”  He then elaborates, “Cash markets are typically where industry stakeholders go to do one of three things:  look for short-term opportunities, manage last-minute supply chain issues, and most importantly, keep one’s finger on the pulse of current prices.  You can’t successfully negotiate a long-term contract with a counterpart unless you’re confident in the price.”

This platform is a helpful step towards the full commercialization of hemp in sectors like building materials, bioplastics, and textiles and serves as a resource for stakeholders to expand their supply chain networks.  PanXchange’s rigorous vetting process is unchanged for new members and access to PanXchange’s monthly benchmark prices, in-depth fundamental analysis, and interactive charts will still require a subscription.  

Free Platform:

Hemp Stalks: Cannabinoid Purposed (free), Hempseed Cake (non-food): Organic, Hempseed Cake (non-food): conventional, Hempseed Oil: Organic (Food-Grade), Hempseed Oil: Conventional (Food-Grade),  Chipped Hemp Hurd (1/4″ – 3/4″),  Micronized Hemp Hurd: 250 Microns, Short Bast Fiber .25″,  Raw Decorticated Hemp Fiber: Fiber Length, CBD Biomass – Milled, CBD Biomass: Milled (Certified Organic), CBD Biomass: Shucked, CBD Biomass: Pelletized, CBD Winterized Crude Oil, CBD Full Spectrum Distillate, CBD Broad Spectrum Distillate (THC Free),  and CBD Isolate.

Paid Platform: 

Hemp stalks: fiber purposed, hemp stalks: grain purposed, hemp stalks: cannabinoid purposed (free), hemp stalks: multipurposed, whole hempseed (<15% moisture): organic (food- grade), whole hempseed (<15% moisture): conventional (food grade), whole hempseed (<15% moisture): industrial, de-hulled hempseed (<15% moisture): organic (food- grade), de-hulled hempseed (<15% moisture): conventional food grade, de-hulled hempseed (<15% moisture): industrial, hempseed cake (non-food): organic (food-safe), hempseed oil: conventional (food-safe), hempseed oil: industrial, chipped hemp hurd (1/4″ – 3/4″), hemp dust, micronized hemp hurd < 100 microns, micronized hemp hurd: 100-249 microns, micronized hemp hurd: 250 microns, micronized hemp hurd: 251 – 700 microns, micronized hemp hurd: 700 microns, short bast fiber: .25”, short bast fiber: micronized (<2500 microns, short bast fiber: 1”, raw decorticated hemp fiber (one common spec for now).

About PanXchange 

PanXchange specializes in creating physical commodity trading markets and benchmark pricing for better risk management. We have the leading benchmark prices in the US hemp industry and the only institutional-grade trading platform for physical transactions.  Our aim is to develop the same in cropland and grassland carbon credits to offer our clientele better hedging and risk management.  As traditional credit registries are too costly for the average farmer, PanXchange has created its own buyer-approved methodologies that are inclusive of farmers large and small.