Africa Newsletter 12-23-19

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East Africa Update

Firm Wins Aflatoxin Chemical Tender

Koppert Biological Systems (Kenya) has won the tender to distribute Aflasafe – a chemical that is used to suppress aflatoxin in grains. The firm, headquartered in Netherlands with a subsidiary in Kenya, won the tender through competitive bidding conducted by Kenya Agricultural Livestock and Research Organisation (Kalro).

Authorities in Kenya allow up to the maximum of 10 parts per billion as the limit for the cancer causing aflatoxin that is mainly harboured in grains. Consuming food that is contaminated with this fungi exposes children to stunted growth with scientists arguing that it can be linked to the cancer of the liver.

Kenya Price Updates

Maize is currently trading at KES 3,400 per 90 kg in the Nairobi area while soybeans are trading between KES 50-52 per kg.

Uganda Market Update

Maize is currently trading between UGX 1,350-1,400 per kg in the Greater Kampala areas as traders are preparing to start receiving grains from the new crop from the beginning of January but a few small growing areas have started to harvest.

High moisture content remains the challenge with the small growing areas for maize and the soybeans currently being harvested in Western Uganda. Soybeans moisture content is coming out to 15-16% while maize is as high as 18%. Soybeans are currently trading at UGX 1,750 per kg and UGX 1,800 per kg in Kampala. Sesame seeds are being delivered into Kampala at UGX 4,000 per kg.

Kenya Egg Prices Increase On Illegal Uganda Imports Crackdown

In Kenya, eggs have gone up Sh70 ($0.60) a tray following the government’s tightening surveillance on illegal imports from Uganda, which had flooded the market. A tray is now selling at Sh350 ($3.47) at the wholesale level up from Sh280 ($2.70) with projections of a further rise in prices ahead of the festive season that comes with high demand.

The price of a tray dropped to Sh300 ($2.97) in January this year, from a high of Sh330 ($3.27) as the market witnessed a glut.The price of a 70 kilogramme chicken feeds have gone up from Sh3,300 ($32.76) previously to Sh3,700 ($36.74) at the moment.

UN Warns Of Food Crisis In Zimbabwe

United Nations experts have warned of looming mass starvation in Zimbabwe as the effects of a severe drought and a collapsing economy take their toll.

The UN estimates that 7.7 million Zimbabweans or half of the population is food insecure after a drought during the 2018/2019 farming season.

Zimbabwe now imports most of its food requirements but the country has been facing serious shortages of foreign currency.