Africa Newsletter 04-17-20

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Africa Newsletter 04-17-20

East Africa Update


Covid-19 Cases Rise To 234 In Kenya

Kenya continues to see an increase in positive Covid-19 cases as the lockdown has seen a slowdown in economic activities. The government are supporting stakeholders in the horticulture and food industry to help restart their businesses while it also plans to support those vulnerable groups such as the elderly and people with special needs.

Ugandan grains and pulses continue to enter the country but at a lower level due to the restrictions and testing of drivers. Maize remains steady at Ksh 3,100 per 90 kg bag in Nairobi and soybeans remain in demand at Ksh 54 per kg.

Ugandan Lockdown Extended To 5th May

The government in Kampala decided to extend the lockdown for another 21 days beginning on 15th April as the country has seen cases rise to 54. The government has started providing food aid to people in the Kampala areas consisting of maize flour, beans, milk powder, sugar and cooking oil.

Maize is trading at UGX 1,100 per kg in Kampala while maize flour remains at UGX 2,500. Nambale beans are trading at UGX 3,900 per kg in Kampala.

Malawi Government Sets Soybeans Price

The Malawi crop of soybeans are coming into the market and the government has set prices at minimum $400 per ton at farm gate however the actual market price is between $350 to $380 per ton. The government would normally need to subsidise farmers on their set minimum prices. The demand will mainly come from Kenya as transporters look to transport the beans from Lilongwe to Beira and ship from Beira to Mombasa at an average cost of $100 per ton.

Global Update

Covid-19 Affecting Global Food Supply

The BBC reports on how disruptions have been seen all over the world and some of the following examples highlight this;

  • Milk being poured down drains
  • Food crops going to waste
  • Staff shortages affecting supply
  • Changes in shopping habits by consumers
  • Stock such as beer unused as restaurants, pubs and bars remain closed

For more details on how Covid-19 is affecting the global supply chain read the next issue of Hot Commodities at

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