PanXchange Hemp Market Report April 2021


Using methods that are both creative while remaining scientific and methodical, PanXchange has managed to find short-term variables that can be pared down into useful numbers. Information from retail estimates and other sources lean towards a slight increase in that projected demand. Factor in more efficient production and better yields; that increase seems minimal compared to the near doubling of the retail estimate to 3.5 billion.

PanXchange Hemp Market Report – March 2021


A podcast with Julie Lerner, Founder & CEO, PanXchange discussing trademark infringement, smokable hemp, and Delta-8-THC.
PanXchange CEO, Julie Lerner, joins us to talk about the claim in a competitor’s lawsuit and what she calls the slowest month ever for the hemp market. Find out what PanXchange is doing to stand its ground in this legal action and why she is advising “don’t plant for cannabinoids” this year.