Emerging Trends Webinar

How to Capitalize on Emerging Trends in the Legal U.S. Hemp Market, led by PanXchange CEO Julie Lerner and PanXchange Director of Hemp Markets RJ Hopp. We hope you learned a bit more about how to watch this new industry develop and how to analyze trends that can benefit your business. If you were unable to attend or would like to re-watch the webinar, you can follow the link below to access the recorded version of the webinar.

From Grains to Frac Sand to Hemp

If you had told Julie Lerner eight years ago that the commodity trading platform PanXchange,  which she was building with sugar in mind, would grow to support the trading of frac sand, East African grains and hemp, she would have said you are nuts.Hemp was the most recent addition to the platform after the full legalization of the crop last year with the passage of the Farm Bill. In this video, Lerner, CEO of PanXchange, talks about launching the first benchmark pricing for hemp and the state of the nascent world that is physical hemp trading. It’s a different beast from the traditional commodity landscape.

August 2019 Hemp Market Update

The spot biomass market throughout August has been transacting in the range of $2.73 to $4.50 per percentage point of CBD content (/point) as supply from the 2018 crop year is sporadic and early season crops are being harvested. The trend of biomass selling near the lower end of the range has continued from July, as those who are holding product from the 2018 have incentive to sell before large quantities of product enter the market from the 2019 crop year.  Instances of this trend have increased in the last few days, depicting the eagerness to move product and exit positions.

July 2019 Hemp Market Update

hemp news

The PanXchange Industrial Hemp trading platform is officially going live on August 1st!

PanXchange will be in attendance at the USA CBD Expo at the Miami Beach Convention Center (August 2nd – August 4th). Not only is the CEO of PanXchange, Julie Lerner, moderating a panel, but PanXchange will be at booth #616 throughout the event. If you are attending the conference or local to the area, we encourage everyone to stop by!

Hemp Value Extraction

The majority of CBD is extracted from hemp through two main processes: CO2 extraction and solvent extraction.CO2 extractionIn this process, carbon dioxide is under supercritical conditions – high pressure and low temperature – to isolate and preserve CBD. The CO2 method produces the cleanest, most isolated CBD oil that is free from chlorophyll, but requires much higher upfront fixed costs and a significantly steeper learning curve to perfect the process.

Market Director – Frac Sand

MARKET DIRECTOR – Frac Sand (Denver) PanXchange is an award-winning OTC physical commodity trading platform that facilitates the transfer of natural resources that feed and fuel the world. Designed by a veteran Cargill trader, the software platform allows buyers and sellers to negotiate specific details of a trade, including the location [...]

Post Harvest Processing

As hemp crops in the ground begin to mature, we’ve been continually asked by producers what’s going to happen to prices at harvest time. Anyone who gives a concrete answer on what way prices are going should quickly be ignored. Hemp is a new crop in many growing areas, and with so many variables inexperience affecting yields, the range of price trajectory is endless. That said, producers should know their options and use information from other agricultural markets to make smart decisions to reduce risk. Following other agricultural markets, main harvest should bring a large supply increase to markets, and with the year-over-year increase in planted acres, less developed storage and market options, and demand growth following a somewhat linear path, prices should see downward pressure at harvest.

PanXchange Adds S&P Global Platts Veteran Andy Bose to Board of Advisors

Denver, May 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PanXchange, an OTC physical commodity exchange and price discovery platform for products including industrial hemp and frac sand, today announced that senior industry executive Andy Bose has joined its board of advisors. Mr. Bose will play a key role in driving important new strategic initiatives as the firm continues its rapid growth.

New Commodity Exchange Platform PanXchange Set To Revolutionize The Hemp Industry

The hemp industry is set to see significant changes in the coming years with the passing of 2018s Farm Bill, which legalized hemp on a federal level. New online trading platforms are emerging which focuses on commodity exchange at both wholesale and retail levels, for a variety of hemp-related products. PanXchange is the first of these platforms to prove their concept within the frac sand and East African commodity markets. With their additional expansion into the hemp market, PanXchange is primed to be a leader in online commodity trading for the industry.Kristina Etter, Editorial Content Director at CannabisTech sat down with Julie Lerner, CEO, and founder of PanXchange, to discuss the current state of trading within the hemp industry, the importance of accurate online commodity trading, and plans to expand into the isolate and distillate markets.