Top 10 Trading Solution Companies – 2019

The capital markets industry is intertwined with technology in an ambitious bid to update legacy systems, improve cybersecurity and enhance the customer experience.  In the online trading space, millennial investor base continues to grow, and providers are seeking to cut down on monthly fees and offering low-cost price-per-trade services for trading platforms.

PanXchange® Sand: Benchmarks & Analysis 12.30.2019

In the Northern White market, 100m prices fell by 2% this week while 40/70m fell by 1% in contrast with last week’s price increases.

In the Permian, FOB Kermit 100m rose by 1.0%, local 40/70m rose by 0.5% and FOB NW Odessa 40/70m prices remained relatively flat. We expect demand to pick up as E&Ps gear up for next year’s drilling inventory.

Hot Commodities: Outlook on India

As the year closes in, we are looking at the Indian market and its challenges with meeting the demand for grains and pulses as well as the effects that weather has played in the current climate of civil unrest and anger towards the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government. Along with China, the Indian market has become a major player in the global agricultural commodities trade and as a leading destination for protein-based products from Canada, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Myanmar, Mozambique, Tanzania, Sudan, and Malawi, all being major import sources.