The Company
PanXchange is a mission-driven company working to combat climate change. We are leveraging the latest developments in technology and markets to incentivize nature-based carbon removal at scale.

PanXchange’s core technology is its market platform for carbon credits that allows for instant market access, price discovery, and negotiation between buyers and sellers on quantity, quality (methodology), delivery and price. PanXchange recently launched a global, vertically integrated nature-based carbon program focused on project management for highly scalable agriculture and other land use projects to originate carbon credit supply to its platform. Through the PanXchange platform, responsible companies and individuals can connect with carbon credits from projects developed by PanXchange and other entities that are protecting and restoring nature worldwide. Panxchange is also working towards publishing the world’s first universal market-driven benchmark price for agricultural carbon dioxide removal. The PanXchange trade platform and benchmark pricing service began with over 30 agricultural commodities in East Africa. Today, we are the leading benchmark price provider in the US hemp market and the only institutional grade trade platform for physical hemp deal flow.

As of May 2023, PanXchange is part of Hedera’s blockchain carbon solutions ecosystem, owned and managed by governing entities including Google, Dell, IBM, and DLA Piper. PanXchange has received the first tranche of a $1.3M grant from Hedera to implement their blockchain solution to the PanXchange platform to bring unparalleled transparency to and confidence in carbon markets by publicly and immutably recording all transactions.

Job Description
PanXchange is seeking a high-energy, self-starter with a thorough knowledge base in agricultural commodities and/or carbon markets. Unlike other vendors in carbon credit generation and trading, we are laser-focused on building a program that is financially viable to landowners, providing incentives to implement climate-smart land-use practices. You must bring some experience working with landowners and be able to understand their challenges and opportunities in commodities in general and with regard to implementing climate smart land-use practices.

The ideal candidate has several years of agricultural commodity merchandising experience at an internationally recognized trade house, preferably in multiple commodities and geographies. Other career paths could include business development and sales of farmer-facing services such as crop insurance or agronomy services. You see how carbon markets -voluntary and regulated- are changing farm economics permanently and are excited about addressing both the challenges and opportunities as the market develops. You are entrepreneurial and want to bring your passion and vision to a fast growing company in this space.

Your primary focus will be on Origination with regard to both carbon project management (landowners) and aggregators (credits earned through alternative programs). Outbound efforts will be focused on the US and you will field all inbound international inquiries. You must understand farming economics and the risk and rewards of implementing climate smart practices. For example, if a farmer is considering switching to no-till and cover crops, you will show him/her the cost/benefit analysis which includes predicting the revenue from carbon credits that offset the investment in the change. In addition to direct efforts with landowners, you will build multi-disciplinary relationships with agronomists, co-ops, carbon project developers, project auditors, technology firms and other entities that have the ability to aggregate projects that build our inventory of credits to sell on the platform.

You will work closely with the CEO, the carbon project manager and the technology team. As the company grows, as will your origination team. You will also play an integral role in communicating our successes and challenges with our partners such as the HBar/Hedera Steering Committee and new allies such as Bloomberg’s Global Carbon Trust. Similarly, you will represent PanXchange’s views on carbon credit generation and education at conferences, webinars, and other opportunities to raise awareness of the program and generate new business. In sum, we are seeking a business development specialist with the knowledge of agricultural markets and a passion to be on the forefront of the burgeoning nature-based carbon market.

Knowledge, Skills & Attributes

  • Track record of high attainment against well-defined sales activity and results goals.
  • Skilled at documenting clients’ needs to inform a strong market fit for a company’s products and services.
  • Entrepreneurial thinker looking to thrive in a rapidly evolving and expanding industry.
  • Astute attention to detail with regard to market trends, and opportunities.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; writing persuasively, quickly and cohesively is an asset.
  • Excellent organization and time management skills, and ability to juggle multiple projects, work independently and on a team, keep track of short- and long-term priorities, and meet deadlines reliably.
  • Ability to work well with internal and external stakeholders. Comfortable with representing PanXchange with both landowners and C-level executives.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.



  • Working knowledge of Voluntary Carbon Markets and the role of Nature-based solutions within, Must have a passion to stay abreast of market developments
  • Prior work experience in commodity merchandising or sales of ancillary farm services such as crop insurance, agronomy services, technology, or data services. You must be able to tailor specific proposals to landowners demonstrating the costs and potential rewards of pursuing carbon credits through regenerative practices. Specifically, candidate must understand broadly supply, demand and price forecasting of cash grain crops and be able to create tailored proposals for landowners on the estimated costs of implementing regenerative practices and the potential reward via the issuance of carbon credits (“Carbon Farm Economics”)
  • Prior work experience in technology and/or data sales is considered a strong asset.
  • Professional knowledge of, and experience with researching markets and generating in depth reports, strategic business planning, and database management.
  • Outstanding analytical, communication and public speaking skills. Must be able to generate reports and presentations.
  • Degree in Economics, Business, Supply Chain Management or a related field.
  • Travel required – approximately 25-35%
  • Experience with working with and synthesizing publicly available data to create informed theses and market forecasts.

Position in the near term can be remote. Salary commensurate with experience.

We encourage interested candidates to please view the job description on our website, attach your resume and a cover letter as to why you would be a good fit for the position. Please title your email with your full name and the position you are applying for (Ex: “John Smith – Business Development Representative”) to the email address: