Hemp Electronic Trading

Hemp Exchange and Electronic Trading System

The PanXchange system gives procurement and sales teams tools needed to efficiently negotiate transactions based on all relevant aspects of the trade for industrial hemp. These specifications include precise delivery window and location, product quality, quantity, incoterms and price. The PanXchange platform gives our platform users all the necessary tools to feel comfortable transacting online and be more efficient when buying and selling products.

PanXchange has adopted a strict vetting process for every firm looking to become a member of the hemp trading platform. The vetting process for every company includes site visits, articles of organization, state license checks, etc. For companies to feel even more comfortable trading business to business, PanXchange has a counterparty management tool built into the platform. The counterparty management feature makes sure that each company has the ability to determine if they want to do business with a fellow platform member before being able to interact with an order on the market screen. This feature gives companies the ability to further vet each company beyond the PanXchange process.

The PanXchange platform has been proven in multiple domestic and international markets, and the company employs a full staff of employees with physical commodity experience that are dedicated to each individual market. With the diverse background of our team members and intimate knowledge of the hemp industry, exchange partners have the peace of mind that PanXchange representatives possess the knowledge and expertise to help our clients navigate the emerging hemp industry.

Price Transparency

Prices along the entire supply chain – biomass all the way to isolate – are opaque and unreliable. There is a huge bid – ask spread in the market and the same buyer or supplier will quote different prices on the same day. Efficient price transparency brings the bid ask spread in, which benefits all players aside from ‘unscrupulous brokers.’ PanXchange members accessing the platform can see all orders on the exchange, and quickly narrow down to a specific market.

Network Building

The majority of current market players transacts with a relatively small group, because branching out from that group is risky. We are aggregating the reputable business partners under one roof, which gives security to supply chain managers wanting to increase their supply and sales channels. Enhancing your supply chain network gives your organization the opportunity to put fixed assets to the most efficient use and offering new profit opportunities.

Market Structure

Developing a strong spot and forward market is a requisite to financial trading and other risk management and speculative derivative solutions, including futures, options, and ETFs. Once the market structure is in place, PanXchange will work with exchange partners to develop these financial contracts, further enhancing liquidity to offer hedging and insurance solutions.

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