Hemp Market Overview

Industrial Hemp and CBD Electronic Trading

Our team worked with stakeholders along the entire hemp and CBD value chain to design an exchange and trading platform system that addresses the needs and challenges for firms of all size.
The system offers trading in different grades of hemp biomass, crude oil, distillate, and isolate, with expansion plans into other products as driven by demand from market participants.

While prices are still high enough to offer generous returns for farmers and processors, most hemp grown will be for the CBD streams. But as more farmers switch and net income for growing CBD hemp falls in line with other crops, industrial hemp grown for fiber, hurds, spent biomass and other applications will become more prevalent.

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Industrial Hemp and CBD Indices

PanXchange launched industrial hemp indices in January 2019 including regional biomass, crude oil, distillate and isolate to establish a benchmark. We will continue to add pricing indices, including new product designations and geographic locations through demand by clients. To find current and historical indices and market intelligence, find the current and historical monthly reports, visit our analysis page.

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