Existing Projects

PanXchange provides a global carbon offset market platform that facilitates the sales of voluntary carbon offsets under some of the highest quality standards in the world, including Verified Carbon Standard (Verra), American Carbon Registry, Gold Standard, Climate Action Reserve. as well as the PanXchange Standard. The platform primarily caters to voluntary carbon offsets from global nature based solutions such as agriculture, forestry, and others which represent the most effective and scalable methods to combat climate change.

Scale Your Sales Pipeline

Increase your sales without introducing the complication of more contracts. With PanXchange, you can easily engage in spot, recurring, and multi-year sales by leveraging our extensive liquidity pool of corporate buyers.

Obtain the Best Sales Price

No more opaque broker market with high commissions. The PanXchange platform offers a transparent marketplace with a transparent fee structure. To best incentivize climate-action, sellers retain 100% of the value of their credits they generate and sell.

The Panxchange Platform

The PanXchange Market Platform allows for the purchase and sale of voluntary carbon offsets from multiple registries (including its own). Platform inventory consists of carbon offsets from nature-based solutions projects, as they represent the most effective and scalable solutions to combat climate change.

Additional Features

Forward Selling
Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Features
Negotiate Terms of the Trade (quality, quantity, delivery and price)
Platform launch schedule for Q3 2023