East African Agricultural

The PanXchange platform aims to address the issues of opacity, fragmentation and lack of infrastructure that are present within the East African agricultural market. Our platform serves as the vehicle that bridges smallholders to the commercial market.  The PXA platform coupled with its outreach efforts helps create transparency and standard industry practices that facilitate and increase East African commodity market linkages.

We work with partners to address some of the other issues holding back these agrarian economies, including access to financing, standardization of contracts and procedures, infrastructure to decrease post-harvest losses through rotting and other mycotoxin issues.

Agricultural Trading Platform

The PXAfrica trading system comprises farmers, traders, processors and end users from across the East Africa region. Our members comprise the entire range from smallholder farmer groups to corporate farms, traders with just a few employees up to international tradehouses, small village millers all the way up to global, publicly traded processing units. The anonymity of the platform levels the playing field for all players involved.

We offer trading in over 40 products from grains, pulses, oilseeds, and specialty and high value crops, with origin or delivery to greater East Africa

East Africa News

The PXAfrica system provides weekly agricultural index prices for most of the larger grains and pulses in both producing and consuming market hubs of East Africa. Because the markets are thinner and seasonal for some of the products, we also provide bids and offers for these products and ask members to inquire directly with PXAfrica staff.

Market Analysis

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