East African Agricultural Market Overview

East African agricultural markets suffer extreme inefficiencies due to opacity, fragmentation, and lack of infrastructure. Yet productivity within food sectors is the key to economic growth. Statistics are notoriously unreliable throughout sub-Saharan Africa, but the average is that around 70% of the population is involved with agriculture, with the overwhelming majority being smallholder farmers working less than 2 hectares. Increasing productivity, yields, and prices received on these smallholder farms would significantly benefit the economies across this entire region.

The PanXchange platform aims to address these issues, serving as the vehicle that bridges smallholders to the commercial market.  The PXA platform coupled with its outreach efforts helps create transparency and standard industry practices that facilitate and increase East African commodity market linkages.

We also work with partners to address some of the other issues holding back these agrarian economies, including access to financing, standardization of contracts and procedures, infrastructure to decrease post-harvest losses through rotting and other mycotoxin issues.