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Frac Sand Electronic Trading


Frac Sand Exchange and Electronic Trading System

The PanXchange Frac Sand platform is a market structure solution for the nascent and ever evolving frac sand market. The system allows trading of all regional sand types and mesh sizes. Our patented Counterparty Management system gives PanXchange members the security and risk management tools without costly clearing. The optionality offered on the system gives traders of all size the ability to transact from unit trains at a rail facility, to last mile top-off trucks delivered to the well site.

PanXchange members include players along the entire supply chain from sand producers, traders, service providers, and well operators. Currently, any user on the system needs to be able to make or take physical delivery of product, or have contracts in place for offtake

We use data provided through the system, including bids, offers and completed trades, amalgamated with additional reporting of pricing points to create index prices . These price indexes (can be) used to price physical long-term contracts and settle derivative products.

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