Initially geared toward cropland and grassland, soil & biomass credits, and leveraging  PanXchange’s deep relationships with many farmers, we are creating grower-friendly methodologies and are distributing costs across all projects, thus lowering the overall cost of obtaining credits by project.  Moreover, the PanXchange team has the ability to combine acreage across multiple operations. We work with farms of all sizes large and small as well as COOPs or integrated agribusinesses that are deeply involved with the farm’s agronomy. 

PanXchange is also open to other types of GHG credits such as forestry and methane.


The calculator below was created by USDA NRCS and the Colorado State University.
“This evaluation tool is designed to provide generalized estimates of the greenhouse gas impacts of conservation practices and is intended for initial planning purposes Site-specific conditions (not evaluated in this tool) are required for more detailed assessments of greenhouse gas dynamics on your farm. Please visit COMET-Farm if you would like to conduct a more detailed analysis”

“NRCS Conservation Practices included in COMET-Planner are only those that have been identified as having greenhouse gas mitigation and/or carbon sequestration benefits on farms and ranches. This list of conservation practices is based on the qualitative greenhouse benefits ranking of practices prepared by NRCS.”

Why Work with PanXchange

  1. Sell your carbon credits on an open, competitive marketplace to obtain maximum market value. 
  2. Faster and cheaper pathways to generating verified and marketable carbon credits. 
  3. Collaborative approach with industry partners to efficiently share costs and enhance the future issuance of carbon credits.