Buy Carbon Credits for Your Business

Achieve maximum climate impact and accomplish your sustainability objectives by purchasing verified carbon offsets.


In order for a regenerative economy to thrive, it requires transparent and easily accessible markets that guarantee transaction data is auditable, searchable, and fluid.


We ensure carbon climate finance transactions are easily verifiable, publicly transparent, and accurate by recording them permanently on Hedera’s public ledger.


We subsidize and encourage development of tech-enabled project methodologies that lead to high quality carbon credits at an inclusive price-point for landowners large, small and underserved.


The platform allows for bilateral transactions between buyer and seller, avoiding the opaque and costly brokerage market. This maximizes the flow of capital towards landowners fighting climate change.


Carbon credit suppliers provide detailed project data to be approved by a third-party verifier
before carbon credits are retired from our marketplace.


The PanXchange Platform allows for easy negotiation between buyers and sellers on quantity, quality, delivery and price.


The PanXchange Platform is web-based, providing instant market access and price discovery.

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Fight Climate Change by Funding Regenerative Land Use

When you buy carbon credits from the PanXchange platform, you’re funding regenerative landowners verifiably reducing emissions or sequestering them from the atmosphere for long-term storage.

Each tokenized carbon credit purchase showcases

  1. Volume of emissions reductions or removals that you funded.
  2. Vintage
  3. Point of Origin
  4. Project data
  5. Other Socio-Economic Benefits

Refer to the token at any time to easily track your impact and share it with your community.

Competitive Marketplace

Beyond PanXchange carbon credit projects, our Supply Team is actively looking to list carbon credits from other other programs including Verra, Gold Standard, Climate Action Reserve, and American Carbon Registry, among others.

Currently Accepted on the PanXchange Platform

Carbon Credits You Can Count On

PanXchange uses proven, peer-reviewed carbon quantification tools offered by renowned US and international firms to estimate emissions reductions and removals. We utilize this data to construct project baselines, approximate the quantity of carbon credits to produce, and ensure fair compensation for suppliers. By licensing third party technology, PanXchange avoids a conflict of interest when it comes to producing and assessing carbon offset data.

The Role of Verifiers (VVBs)


Ensure Project Data Is Accurate

Verifiers audit suppliers’ data inputs for each project that generates carbon offsets.


Ensure The Supplier Can Legally List and Sell Carbon Offsets

Verifiers ensure suppliers can legally list projects to generate revenue.


Ensure Carbon Credits Are Not Double Counted

Verifiers make sure projects are not listed or retired in other marketplaces.

Verifier (VVB) firms used in the PanXchange carbon program are ISO14065-accredited. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent NGO with a membership of 168 national standards bodies. Many of these firms are also recognized under other programs such as Verra, Climate Action Reserve, Gold Standard and American Carbon Registry.

Know What You’re Buying, and Where It Came From

By obtaining a carbon credit from PanXchange, you receive comprehensive and distinct documentation of your climate impact. It allows you to trace your purchase back to the specific carbon removal supplier and verifier involved in the emissions reduction or removal you have financially supported. Furthermore, all these transactions are publicly tracked on the Hedera blockchain

We Pride Ourselves on Transparency and High Quality Carbon Credits

High Quality Carbon Credits with Calibrated Modeling

We chose modeling to calculate PXCCs that  are calibrated with real, empirical data.

How PXCCs Are Generated

Learn the general process for creating PXCCs and our various partners involved throughout.

PanXchange Provides Credible Carbon Removal Based on ICROA Standards

PanXchange intentionally meets, exceeds, or diverges from the guiding principles of existing legacy carbon markets. Our innovative, transparent, and accessible marketplace aims to improve upon the status-quo. Read about Carbon Offset Standards.

Learn More About the PanXchange Program Documentation

Review PanXchange documents such as Project Methodologies, Onboarding Documents, User Agreements, and Program Requirements.

Start Making Progress Towards Your Climate Goals

Fund nature-based carbon reductions and removals at scale with PanXchange.