PanXchange® Hemp: Benchmarks & Analysis – Mar 2020

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PanXchange® Hemp: Benchmarks & Analysis – Mar. 2020


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Be sure to participate in this month’s survey and let us know your concerns about Covid19 for the hemp industry.

The PanXchange team has too much substantive information to share and we thought it was premature to speculate on how the virus may affect the industry.

In this issue we offer this month’s benchmark prices and a deep dive into fundamental analysis and deal flow. We also offer a state-by-state update on legislation and planting permits. This issue includes an in-depth summary and analysis of the FDA’s comprehensive and long-awaited report addressed to the US House and Senate. Regular features, such as interactive charts, a section on industrial feed and fiber, the February survey results and the new survey are included as well.


Pricing information is collected via the PanXchange trading platform and surveys of thoroughly vetted market participants. The data is then analyzed using our proprietary methodology and follows International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) guidelines. Please reach out to the PanXchange hemp team by email at or by phone at (877) 917-9658 for any questions or comments.

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