The Hoban Minute – 59 | Panxchange Julie Lerner | What Is A Commodity?

Hoban Minute

The Hoban Minute

Bob and Eric sit down with CEO of Panxchange, Julie Lerner to discuss the basics of how to define a commodity, the 7 stages of maturation, the import role a commodity exchange will play in the growth of the hemp industry, and what to be excited about as the industrial hemp industry continues to mature and become commoditized. Hoban Law Group created The Hoban Minute to get closer to our network, highlight the many voices that make up this multifaceted global industry, and provide a broader perspective on cannabis, hemp, and marijuana international markets. Contact Hoban Law Group for all your cannabusiness legal needs.

Forward Selling Hemp in an Oversupplied Market Webinar – PanXchange Physical Commodities Exchange

This webinar featured Julie Lerner, Kim Harris, and Bob Hoban all accredited professional and business leaders in the hemp and cannabis industry. The speakers will discuss forward selling hemp in an oversupplied market, covering all aspects such as avoiding the risks of fixed-price transactions, types of crop insurance available and requirements to prove sales contracts, and legal issues regarding contract terms and other forward selling issues. A Q&A will follow. A must watch for the hemp industry.

Physicals, Futures, & Forwards. Know Your Nomenclature


Futures, forwards, cash markets, spot markets, derivatives…. Let’s get the lingo right and get to some more sophisticated price risk management in @PanXchange markets!  Customs of the trade-in both PanXchange markets is to negotiate a fixed price contract regardless of how far into the future the actual delivery is. 

Tumbling Hemp Prices: Good for Consumers, but Bad for Business

Julie Lerner on Cheddar

Hemp prices have fallen some 80 percent since summer highs as the industry works through a glut of the crop. And while tumbling prices could be a boon for consumers in search of affordable hemp and CBD products, they bode poorly for farmers and businesses that have staked their futures on the burgeoning industry.