Hot Commodities: Outlook on India

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As the year closes in, we are looking at the Indian market and its challenges with meeting the demand for grains and pulses as well as the effects that weather has played in the current climate of civil unrest and anger towards the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government. Along with China, the Indian market has become a major player in the global agricultural commodities trade and as a leading destination for protein-based products from Canada, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Myanmar, Mozambique, Tanzania, Sudan, and Malawi, all being major import sources.

Hot Commodities: China Round Up

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We are closing in on the year and we are bringing you a roundup of China’s trades and alternative routes for their raw materials demand. With the Trump administration set to hold another round of trade talks with the Chinese government, a long-lasting agreement by the G2 nations is required to avoid a global economic downturn.

Hot Commodities: Hemp Planting Updates

It’s crunch time for planting decisions. Today is the last day for corn prevented planting filings – a range of options on crop insurance that gives payouts for not planting the full, normal crop – for the corn belt. CBOT corn futures rallied this week to break-out levels as corn acres planted as of last week came in well below both last year and the 5-year average. And now the fall army worm could decimate crops in China.