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Our previous webinar course has concluded, please stay tuned for recorded viewing options and upcoming webinar dates!

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Carbon Credits for Croplands

PanXchange is building a more robust and efficient market for voluntary carbon removal credits derived from croplands. Despite surging demand for “nature-based” credits from croplands, time to market, total costs, lack of market liquidity, and inability to manage price risk are currently prohibitive factors for farmers. Our team aims to alleviate these issues, thus mobilizing investment to combat climate change and rewarding farmers for regenerative practices.

PanXchange will leverage its institutional-grade trading platform used for regenerative agricultural products such as US hemp to best allow credit sellers to achieve price discovery and obtain fair market value.

While the project initially focuses on US croplands, our business model is scalable to other locations and other nature-based project types such as forestry (REDD+), grassland, and ranching. Our team has already garnered interest from clientele in these business areas with regard to joining the PanXchange platform to market their credits.